Lori Hodges LMSW
Licensed Master Social Worker

Meet Lori Hodges


We want to feel like we're "good enough." We struggle with negative thoughts and low self-esteem. We feel restless and insecure. We worry excessively about the future, and we live in regret of the past. We avoid the difficult stuff and numb ourselves with social media, shopping, or alcohol. We need a different solution. We want to manage our lives effectively- To make healthy decisions and have meaningful experiences. We want to be good parents, partners, and providers. We want to feel good about ourselves. The therapy process can help us understand how our life experiences impact our current well-being.

I would like to provide a safe place for you to examine your past, live fully in the present, and plan for the future. Let's dig in! We will explore your core beliefs and combat negative thoughts. We can begin to process trauma, develop new coping skills, and build healthy esteem. We will use your values as a guide in the process.

My therapy style is engaging, heartfelt, and relatable. We will work together to determine what changes you would like to make, prioritize your goals, and develop solutions. You already have the capacity for change - I'm ready to support you! Send me a message, and let's get started.

My name is Lori Hodges, and I am a Licensed Master's Social Worker from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I graduated with Honors from The University of Alabama #RollTide in May 2022 with a Master's Degree in Social Work. I am delighted to be a full-time Therapist with Accepted Therapy Services. I believe that our Team's dedication and compassionate approach provides an ideal setting for our clients to process their emotions, heal from past hurts, learn new strategies, and experience personal growth.


    2022: Masters’ Degree in Social Work from The University of Alabama #RollTide

    2007: Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from The University of Southern Mississippi

    Licensed Master Social Worker 

    License Number #10385

    I am currently under supervision to receive my Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) designation in 2024. My professional goals are to become certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and to explore the practice of Art Therapy.

    Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources (Hattiesburg, MS)

    As a Community Support Specialist, I provided Intensive Case Management and Crisis Intervention Services to Individuals who experience Serious Mental Illness.

    The Mississippi Department of Mental Health (Jackson, MS)

    As a Peer Support Ambassador, I facilitated training and provided technical assistance to Peer Support Specialists throughout the state.

    Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources (Hattiesburg, MS)

    As a Peer Support Specialist, I worked with a multidisciplinary team to deliver Mental Health Services to Individuals who experience Serious Mental Illness.

    West Way Behavioral Healthcare (Laurel, MS)

    As an Active Treatment Technician, I provided Direct Care to Individuals in crisis at an Inpatient Facility.

    Hobbies and Interests

    I enjoy live music, and I attend concerts as often as possible. I find the experience of live music to have a profoundly restorative effect. I also enjoy the process of creativity. I am typically immersed in several creative ventures at one time. My favorite projects include anything that is visionary and tactile, like painting, drawing, or collage work. I'm also a big fan of reading, watching documentaries, and taking naps. Lots of naps. I come from a close-knit family and a supportive group of friends. I am also incredibly blessed to be a mom to a remarkably witty teenager who just graduated High School

    Fun Facts

       1. I have a cat named Mufasa

       2. Myers Briggs: ENT

       3. I worked as a theater set designer

       4. Enneagram Type: Helper, Achiever, Loyalist

       5. I once snuck backstage at a concert and was given Jack White's guitar pick!

    Top 10 Values as a Therapist

       1. Validation

       2. Compassion

       3. Safety

       4. Trust

       5. Commitment

       6. Acceptance

       7. Empathy

       8. Insight

       9. Authenticity

       10. Being Present

Favorite Quote

"We cannot selectively numb emotion. If we numb the dark, we numb the light. If we take the edge off pain and discomfort, we are, by default, taking the edge off joy, love, belonging, and the other emotions that give meaning to our lives." ~ Brené Brown "Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway." ~Eleanor Roosevelt