Sliding Scale Fee Application

Sliding scale rate is based on family size and annual income. This form will be help me to figure out which level of the sliding scale you qualify for. This application will be reevaluated every six months or in the event of financial change in the household. The sliding scale rate is not applicable to anyone with insurance coverage that is in network with Accepted Therapy Services.

Household Members

Please list all dependent members of your household and their date of birth. If you have a dependent who is over the age of 18, additional information may be requested.

# Name Relationship to you Date of Birth
Household Expenses

This is a list of all of your monthly household expenses. I will take these expenses into consideration when determining your sliding scale fee rate.

Household Income

Total all sources of income for each box and place the total amount in the second column. Then denote whether the income is received monthly or annually.

Source of Income Amount Frequency
(Please be available to provide supporting documentation of your income upon request.)

I   understand that I am being considered for a sliding scale fee at Accepted Therapy Services. I also understand that I may not meet criteria for a sliding scale. I further understand that that if my financial situation changes, I am expected to notify Accepted Therapy Services prior to my next session so that my sliding scale rate can be reassessed for need.